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About Me

Art is my act of quiet resistance. It is my way of trying to make the world a better place. I think there is enormous power in making things by hand that will last forever, that will be passed down in families through generations. We live in a world of built-in-obsolescence and insane consumerism where we are just gobbling up the planet making disposable junk. It is crucial to me to try to turn that around and to respect where our materials come from. Much of what I use is recycled, I am a collector of other people's junk. I find things in scrap yards and garbage piles, hoping to give them new life. I also throw out almost nothing, even the tiniest scraps I try to put back into new projects. I truly believe that art makes peoples' lives richer. It crosses all borders - it has no color, no religion, no gender. My hope is that art can unite people, and that my art can make a difference in the world.

My love of design began at architecture school at McGill where I graduated with my B. Arch in '89. But it was after graduating and working in an architectural model making shop that I really fell in love with the idea of Making things. I worked as a designer in Toronto throughout the 90's, designing custom furniture for a small company, and doing exhibit design at the Art Gallery of Ontario, before deciding to teach myself to be a cabinetmaker. I built one epic piece of studio furniture, but then (in classic Gemini fashion) got sidetracked, and opened a bicycle shop building custom bikes for a decade at jett grrl bike studio in Vancouver. It was here that I first fell in love with the use of colour, designing crazy bold rides with all kinds of funky color co-ordination. I finally decided to leave the city and settle on Quadra in 2014. I have been building my studio and teaching myself more woodworking skills, with the dream of going back to building furniture one day. But when I inadvertently took a fused glass course a couple of years ago, I fell down the rabbit hole (and got sidetracked yet again!)  I am in love with the colours and unlimited play of patterns in this not really solid medium. I love how the glass flows and changes as it is heated, and love experimenting with new techniques. I am influenced by everything from graffiti to the Al Hambra to cellular biology to indigenous arts - and pretty much everything in between! I love fine Craftsmanship, the idea of taking something from A to Z, from the idea in my brain through to completion with my own hands.  I am a card carrying member of  Perfectionists Anonymous, am obsessed with precision and microdetail, and am always ready to try unexplored territory!


I hope you enjoy what you see here, and would love to give you more info if you'd like to contact me. Wishing you a safe and happy journey thru life. 


In loving kindness, Tracy

P.S Please forgive my wordiness, I am proudly a Myerson and we like words!

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